Overwatch is a very, very young game, that’s still being written and expanded upon by the story writers for the game. This post, which will hopefully be expanded upon as time passes, is an attempt to host a live and official Overwatch timeline. So here is my attempt to organize it. Feel free to comment changes that need to be made! This also includes some personal theories and ideas that make sense to me, and will be changed based on community feedback.

The Overwatch Timeline!

The game takes place some time in the mid 2070s. For my sanity’s sake, and based on a post responded to by Michael Chu¹, the timeline will place the game at 2076.

2015 – Reinhardt is Born
2019 – Torbjorn is Born
2026 – Soldier: 76 is Born
2038 – Hanzo is Born
2039 – McCree is Born
2041 – Genji is Born
2044 – The Omnic Crisis Begins, Pharah is Born, Soldier: 76 joins the Military
2045 – Mei is Born, Overwatch is founded, Torbjorn is recruited, Soldier: 76 is recruited, Ana is recruited, Reinhardt is recruited,
2046 – Sombra is Born, Bastion is Created,
2049 – Junkrat is Born
2050 – Tracer is Born
2051 – McCree is introduced to the Deadlock Gang
2054 – The Omnic Crisis Ends, Soldier: 76 is promoted to lead Overwatch
2056 – McCree joins Blackwatch
2059 – Genji and Hanzo’s father dies, Genji is mortally wounded by Hanzo, Genji is made into a cyborg and joins Blackwatch, Hanzo rejects the Shimada Clan,
2062 – Genji leaves Blackwatch
2063 – Pharah enlists in the Egyptian military, Mei goes into cryostasis
2064 – Genji meets Zenyatta, Bastion reboots,
2068 – Tracer’s Slipstream failure happens
2069 – Pharah works for Helix,
2071 – Null Sector attacks King’s Row
2072 – Overwatch is disbanded
2075 – Mei is taken out of cryostasis
2076 – Soldier: 76 breaks into Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Winston recalls Overwatch members,


  • Destruction of the Omnium in the Australian Outback
  • Dorado bank robbery by Junkrat and Roadhog
  • Crown Jewel theft in Kings Row
  • Junkrat and Roadhog cop-bot encounter
  • Torbjorn Joining and Leaving the Ironclad Guild
  • Torbjorn arriving in Northwestern Russia

Remember that not all of the events that have been given dates are completely canonical and are based both on my own speculation and the speculation of others in the community.

Remember to comment any dates you think should be added. I haven’t added the dates of every character’s birth yet. Please, be sure to comment on the post and tell me years and events that need to be added.