Bakemonogatari Review

Hey everyone, this is a little different from what I normally do, but I’m going to start reviewing random movies and shows that I watch, and I decided to start with the show I most recently watched – Bakemonogatari. If you have any requests for something I should review, check out the Contact section.

Bakemonogatari follows an ex-vampire teenage boy who’s attempting to help people remove themselves from paranormal “oddities”, as they are referred in the show, or to remove the oddities from these people, and at the same time balance a love life. To put it simply, this show is good. The story is fun to follow, the characters are pretty interesting, albeit while being very stereotypical, and the show is visually unique.

Animation Quality:     8/10
Though fairly monochromatic, the coloring of the show doesn’t detract from the interest at all. The use of color in some scenes later in the show also becomes very interesting and particularly eye-catching, and it creates some genuinely creative effects that pop. The show is fairly old, in a liberal sense of the word, so it’s maxed out at about 480p, and the show has many particularly odd sequences, flashing text, and some genuinely creepy and eerie scenes that really stand out and kinda put it apart from other shows.

Storyline:     9/10
The show is written quite well, but sometimes it feels a little disconnected, or it feels out of place. I wouldn’t make this too big of a fault, though, because it still does come together. The pacing is excellent, and every ark feels complete and thoroughly fleshed out.

Characters:     7/10
Although interesting, and full of fun interactions, the characters overall are very stale and stereotypical. On top of many of their stereotypical natures, they also don’t change a whole lot throughout the series.  Senjougahara in particular is a character full of inconsistencies, and though it might be for storytelling purposes, I believe it kind of drags down the show. My biggest nitpick is right at the beginning. She mentions  how clothes are all so heavy because of her condition that makes her nearly weightless and therefore lowering her muscle mass making her weaker, but she carries a toolbox’s worth of office supplies on her for the first few episodes. It just confuses me, even though it’s for comedic effect, the show itself is a fairly serious one, so this just feels like an out of place inconsistency that doesn’t add enough comedy to warrant it.

Voice Acting: 8/10
This isn’t something I’m going to be using a measurement on its own, and is going to be put in with Animation Quality from now on, but the voice acting in this show is pretty top notch. The characters are definitely brought to life by their actors, and it feels very authentic.


Bakemonogatari offers a unique and interesting animation style mixed with a well written story. The characters all interest me, give or take some stereotyping, and a really dumb love interest for the character.




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