My Opinions on DICE’s Battlefront II

The first Star Wars Battlefront created by DICE and EA was a huge let down. Visually, the game was amazing. There were few bugs, though servers were a bit inconsistent, and all of the sounds were incredible. The controls smooth. The bounties were fun, and the game modes were a combination of the same-old FPS crap we got, and some really unique and fun game modes, like Walker Assault. The DLC also added unique game modes that, more often than not, were fun. The maps were designed well. Now to get to the letdowns, and what the community largely disliked.

The game wasn’t class based. This isn’t a problem for everyone, but for me personally, this was a huge mistake on DICE’s part. The original Battlefront community, the bulk of who was going to be most willing to buy this, were immediately alienated by this massive change to the basic setup of the game. The mechanics were also more closely related to a First Person shooter than that of the original arcade-style games we got out of the original Battlefront franchise. The actual matches weren’t 32v32, but instead were 20v20, which removed 24 possible players from each match. This isn’t a huge complaint to have, but I think it’s worth mentioning. The unlock system, while fun trying to do the challenges, was in all reality really tedious. You had to do busywork to unlock guns after you’d already bought them as part of a DLC pack. The heroes were cool but kind of overpowered if given to the right player, and on top of that, they weren’t as fun to play as the foot soldiers often. They felt simultaneously too powerful to play against and not powerful enough to play as, and this is probably a result of the fact that two heroes rarely actually fought when on the battlefield. It usually ended up being a bunch of soldiers attempting to kill the heroes and the heroes just moving through them like they were water. I don’t know how to fix this, but nevertheless it’s kind of an issue. The game also limited itself to the Original Trilogy, which left out a lot of desired content that would have been really cool to have in the game. The customization was level-based, which was also extremely tedious, you gained the in game currency really, really slowly, and XP was also slow to be gained, meaning customization was limited until you hit at least level 50 so you could have access to the unique rebels and the cooler Stormtrooper armor. There was virtually no offline content, either. Everything was centered around multiplayer, which is fine if done correctly, like that of Overwatch, but the actual gameplay was so standard for a shooter that it’s not quite enough. The offline game modes were also limited to Survival and some battle type game modes, which were mostly just hero-vs-hero in the end, because everything else was pretty much just tutorial. They also added maps to these offline game modes, like Survival got a whole two maps throughout the four DLC that were released. The game felt like a waste money.

But now, we have Star Wars Battlefront II, and with this sequel comes many changes.


The biggest immediate change for me is the fact that THE NEW STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT HAS A SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN. No joke. It’s got a full fledged campaign for you to play, right there, in the game, for anyone to play. Free. (Thank you).

While the stories done in Battlefront and Battlefront II weren’t the work of God, the were refreshing and fun experiences, and made for a fun pastime.

This game also spans across every era of Star Wars. The prequel, original, and sequel trilogies, all packed into one game. I have a couple of issues with this, but I’ll get into it later. They also are including heroes from every era, meaning you can finally play as Darth Maul and Yoda. Rey! Kylo Ren! It’s great. These heroes are also upgrade-able, which I’ll get into. This game is also offering split-screen offline co-op play. Things you unlock offline will also be transferable to the online play, though exactly what those are aren’t confirmed. We do know it’ll be “skills and upgrades”, though, at the least. Each hero, trooper, and starfighters also have unique customization options.


Here’s the issues I have. There’s not a lot so far, but they’re there.

  • How fast is leveling? I hated the speed of leveling in the first game. It was absolutely abhorrent, and made me feel like I was doing work for nothing, really. Hitting a new level felt refreshing for a second, but in the end, it just reminded me how much longer I had to go to the next one, as opposed to showing me that I’m getting closer, the feeling that you want to have.
  • The currency system, if carried over, needs to be reworked. Make currency be gained faster, if anything, or just remove currency, increase the amount of XP you get per game by a lot, and make it so that you have an unlock token system. As a matter of fact, since the game is class based, give each class unique levels, and make all the unlocks level based. That sounds better.
  • The gameplay needs to be more arcade-like. I’m not sure if this will happen, but it’s a hope. Of course, my hopes are not high in this regard, but I’m just glad to have a Star Wars game, so this isn’t a huge qualm.
  • Minimal DLC. I don’t want DLC to split the community, so that the bulk that bought it are never playing with those who didn’t I’d prefer there to be no DLC at all, and to just work with the money you got, or the make all of the content cosmetics, and have a Seasons Pass, if there is one, that gives you access to any future cosmetic content that is released. That would be fine to me.
  • Make more offline game modes, pay more attention to them, and give them more love. If you are planning on putting out premium content that you pay for, make sure that it’s not only for the people who are playing online. Give it to the players who want to play offline, too. Let them have extra content.
  • How are the three eras going to flow together? Are you going to have map-specific teams? For maps that can have multiple teams, like Tatooine, is it going to be random as to whether or not it’s the Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War, or the Sequel Trilogy war type? As for the sequel trilogies maps, are the maps and teams going to include things from the third movie of the trilogy, and, if not, is the third movie only going to be included in whatever future game that may come out? This game maybe should’ve come out in 2019, when that movie was coming out, so that content from the movie could be more easily included, unless they genuinely believe that Battlefront II will last until 2019 so that people get whatever Episode 9 content is released.
  • These upgrades cannot be overpowered. At all. The higher leveled players should be able to beat people through their own skill as the hero, not through powerful skill combinations that can’t be beat because they reached a level where they’re allowed to be that overpowered. That’s a ridiculous notion.

Those are just my basic thoughts on the release. I will be purchasing the game and reviewing it. I’m extremely excited for Battlefront II, and have high hopes.

Thanks for reading.