13 – What is it?

If you know me, or keep up with any of my alternate Social Media accounts, you may have heard of a little project called “13”. When I say little, I mean it, because it’s not getting too much attention on Wattpad or anything.

13 is a book that I’m writing on Wattpad. It’s a mystery/thriller, sci-fi/fantasy, and adventure novel, that takes place in a fictional world that’s been divided into thirteen districts. 100 years before the novel takes place, there was a large world war among these thirteen nations. Territories were shifted, and the war lasted fifteen years before eventually, an organization known as the Universal Peace Organization was founded, and established itself as a government. It took over the thirteen nations, recategorizing them as districts, and forcing them to have to send representatives of their respective districts to the headquarters to help pass laws that would benefit their people. Things were going great, up until the leaders of the UPO began to become more and more corrupt the longer this went on. Now, Daniel Reeds, the Head of Information Extraction and Exchange for the UPO, is discovering not only a rebellion is happening in the world, but there is a lot of undiscovered and rampant corruption that the public has yet to even see.

If this book idea interests you, go ahead and check it out here.

Thanks for checking out my blog and sticking around if you’ve followed it so far. I really do appreciate it, I love having people read what I write. Until next time!