Mob Pyscho 100 Review – SPOILERS

Continuing with what is quickly becoming a theme of reviewing anime, this week I’m reviewing Mob Psycho 100. I don’t mind it, though, it’s fun reviewing anything. If any of you want me to review a different thing in the future, any albums, TV shows, or the likes, just drop me a comment, or you can contact me through one of the many social media outlets I am on.

Honestly, this show gets a hell of a lot of praise, but I’m not entirely sure why.

All of the Characters are, honestly, pretty standard for both psychic shows, and high school shows. Though there are a few exceptions, like some of the evil spirits are fairly unique, but even then they all just kind of pull from other stereotypes and archetypes that have already been established. It doesn’t even try to play off of it, either. It takes itself seriously, though not in the sense that it’s a serious show, just that it still assumes the position of being a unique show.

The story is also pretty standard, though the way it’s actually planned out and the pacing is different. I found myself pretty uninterested in the show up until episode five. The only thing that really kept me watching was the “Percentage to Shigeo’s explosion”, which ended being about what I’d say I’d expect from the show. It’s kind of predictable. I found myself going “Knew it” more than anything else, really.

The art style is similar to that of the show One Punch, and that’s probably because it’s done by the same artist (I say probably, but I mean “definitely”). It’s appealing, it’s unique, and I enjoy it. Most of the funny moments in this show wouldn’t really work if it weren’t for the way this show is drawn. Speaking of which, the Comedy is also pretty standard. It doesn’t particularly blow me away laughing, but I found myself giggling here and there when something interesting or funny was said.

The voice acting was probably my favorite thing. Unlike other shows that are psychic, this show leans towards the more animated and fun acting that you’d find in a teen high school comedy, and that blended with the art style excellently. It wasn’t a bore to listen to, and each individual actor’s voice was pretty distinguishable. I could look away and be able to tell who was talking to who, which is a problem I have with a lot of shows, not being able to distinguish some of the voices. For this I’ll have to give the show props.

So, overall, would I recommend you go and watch Mob Psycho 100? Sure, go ahead. But I don’t think you’ll get anything new, exciting, or game-changing out of it. If you just want something fun that’ll keep you entertained for a couple of hours this week, go for it.

FINAL RATING – 6/10, Good.