I’m out of Ideas

The post title is actually extremely misleading, cause in fact, it is the exact opposite of that. But instead, I’d say that I needed another filler post while I work on my other projects. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to post anything particularly interesting as of late, but I have goals and things I need to finish, too.

On Monday I should have a review of another show. I know, that’s what everyone wants from me. For sure. But let me preface this; I do not plan to only do reviews on here. I’d rather be doing other things. I want to be creating original content. But since I do everything alone, it takes me forever to create new content. I’d rather be updating you regularly with random and interesting reads and have things in between than just only post when I create a project for the world to see.

Here’s some slightly bigger news, though. Even though I basically just posted about what 13 is, I’m cancelling it. I need to focus on different things. Maybe I’ll go back to it eventually. But for now, I don’t have the drive to work on something like 13. Besides, no one was reading it anyways.

Moving on, I’m going to be working on a web comic that should have a new chapter once a month. It’ll be a nice read, the artwork won’t be particularly impressive, but it’ll be good enough, and the characters and whatnot should be able to carry the story. The first chapter has an expected release for late May, and after that expect another chapter late into each month, until I’m done telling the story. I won’t milk it, I’m only going to take it as far as the story can handle. I only plan on expanding the universe more, but I do not plan on using the same characters over and over. I’d rather give everybody an idea of the world, and every part of it, than to make everyone love the same characters over and over again.

I’ll give a sneak peak of characters some time next week for those interested in it. I’ll see you then!