Uprising Overwatch Event – Was it worth it?

Overwatch’s Uprising event ends tomorrow, and it was full of ups and downs. But was it an event on the level of the Halloween event?

The skins are overall nice. Though none of them quite reach the Pumpkin Reaper skin in quality, they all have fine attention to detail and don’t miss that classic artistic Overwatch look that’s drawn so many of us to the game. They all fit perfectly into the universe. My personal favorites are McCree and Widowmaker.

The gamemode was amazing. It’s a full fledged story mission, something that I would expect of an Overwatch campaign-type situation. The character interactions are all fun, and everything flows smoothly and works like it should. The enemies were fun to fight, and the higher difficulties were genuinely difficult and not just slightly more difficult. Though there was no real boss fight in it, just an end room with four OR-14s, it was still worth playing, and was definitely worth my time. Achievement hunting for the Expert and Legendary achievements cost me many hours and I enjoyed every second of it.

None of the emotes, voice lines, sprays, or highlight intros aren’t likable, and every time I got one I didn’t just think “neat” like I did in the other events, I thought “Where does this tie in?”, because even they’re ripe with lore.

Overall, this event wasn’t quite Halloween. But it certainly wasn’t Christmas. It was fun, and it was worth playing. If you missed this event, you missed out. Thanks for reading.