Guess Who’s the Newest Member of Unime’s Writing Staff!


Holy Cow, You Guys.

Honestly, I didn’t expect to get accepted, but now I am the newest member of the writing staff for UnimeTV! You can check out the website here. From now on, my reviews are going to be on there, so if you’re interested in reading my reviews still, you can find my work on there. If a review has already been done on Unime by someone else and you want to get my opinion on it still, you can message me on one of my various social media services, all of which are provided at the bottom of the post.

One Unime, I plan to continue to review Anime, but also go forward with reviewing games and MMOs there, as well. I’ll still be doing my other reviews on here, like music reviews, because I still love doing that, but most of what I’ve done is transferring over there. The reviews I already have here, however, are staying.

Thank you all for reading what I do, and for checking out everything I do. I appreciate it.

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